Tesla Model 3 Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide



Vehicle Covered in this Guide
2017 - Current Tesla Model 3

Chassis Introduction
Tesla introduced the Model 3 as a modern rival to the storied 3 Series and A4/S4 market. It has quickly gained popularity among driving enthusiasts with the release of the dual motor, all wheel drive Performance model that is silently taking racetracks across North America by storm.


Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3

Thread Pitch: M14x1.5

Center Bore: 64.1mm


Performance Street, Track, or Race Fitments

47574918411_5363b114b9_k.jpg We currently produce only two wheel sizes which can be used for nearly all types of street, track or race driving. They work well with anything from all-season tires to all-out racing slicks. Important: Because our wheels use a center bore of 70.5mm, hubcentric rings are needed to center the wheels properly on the Model 3’s 64.1mm hub.

Square Setups
Recommended for most types of street and performance driving. Allows proper front-to-rear tire rotation to extend tire life & improve handling balance. 

  • Front & Rear: 18x9.5" ET35 with 265/40-18 tires
    • Popular track fitment
    • Direct fit
    • Can also be run with 275/40-18 tires but a 5mm front spacer will be needed for inner clearance at the control arm
    • Certain 265 wide tires, depending on actual section and tread width, could require a 3 or 5mm spacer as well. Please see manufacture tire specs to confirm. 

Staggered Setups
Maintains stock-like handling characteristics, tires can only be rotated left to right. Maximizes both front and rear tire width.

  • Front: 18x9.5" ET35 with 255/45-18 tires
    Rear: 18x10” ET40 with 275/40-18 tires
    • Direct fit
    • No spacers required front or rear


Additional Information
An important note about tire sizes. The Model 3 can run a number of tire size options but it is important to keep it under 27.5” in overall diameter to avoid having to grind the front upper control arm. A popular tire option, the 265/45-18 Bridgestone RE71R requires grinding of the arm for proper clearance. Shown below is a 275/40-18 Nexen SUR4G. 


Our 18” EC-7 wheels have no issues clearing all known brake setups out there for the Model 3 including the factory Performance brakes and the Mountain Pass Performance upgrade kit.


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