FK8 Civic Type R Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide


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Vehicles Covered in this Guide
All 2017-present Honda Civic Type R models.

Chassis Introduction
The Civic Type R has always been a competent track machine, but the latest FK8 generation takes things to a whole new level. Having broken the Nürburgring lap record for FWD production cars, the new Type R is a truly impressive feat of engineering and technology.

Bolt Pattern: 5x120 Thread Pitch: M14x1.5mm Center Bore: 64.1mm


Performance Street, Track, or Race Fitments


We currently produce only two wheel sizes which can be used for nearly all types of street, track or race driving. They work well with anything from all-season tires to all-out racing slicks. Important: Because our wheels use a center bore of 72.56mm, hubcentric rings are needed to center the wheels properly on the Civic's 64.1mm hub.

Square Setups
Recommended for most types of street and performance driving. Allows proper front-to-rear tire rotation to extend tire life & improve handling balance.

  • Front & Rear: 18x9.5" ET43 with 265/35-18 tires
    • Direct fit.
    • Popular fitment.

  • Front & Rear: 19x9.5" ET43 with 265/30-19 tires
    • Direct fit.


"What about torque steer? Shouldn't I stick with the factory offset of ET60?"
While changing to a lower-than-factory offset can influence the car's tendency to exhibit torque steer, the FK8 uses a significantly improved front suspension geometry, which has a much stronger influence on torque steer than the wheel offset. Using a lower offset such as ET43 for example, may cause a marginal increase in torque steer, but this difference is unlikely to be felt by all but the most seasoned performance drivers. Even with the lower offset, the torque steer is still so minor that it is easily overcome, and does not make the car uncontrollable in any way. Check out this video for a great explanation of these concepts.


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