996 Widebody Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide

Vehicles Covered in this Guide

2002-2005 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, Turbo, Turbo S, GT2. Fitment is nearly identical throughout all models.

Chassis Introduction
Arguably the most potent, gorgeous iterations of this chassis. With a vastly different powertrain approach came a vastly different chassis and suspension orientation. These chassis have the ability to run wider tires and lower offset wheels to properly fill out their wider rear arches.

Bolt Pattern: 5x130 Thread Pitch: M14x1.5mm Center Bore: 71.6mm


OEM+ Fitment

  • Front: 18x8.5” ET50 with 235/40-18 tires
    Rear: 18x11” ET36 with 295/30-18 tires
    • 3mm or 5mm front spacers required for brake clearance. 
    • 245/40 and 315/30 tires may also be used as a direct fit.

This fitment is a small step up from stock wheels and tires, but offers a noticeable improvement in the performance and aesthetic department. It is ideal for the driver who wants to upgrade to a no-nonsense direct bolt-on fitment, with no modifications required. These wheels offer superior sidewall support for wider tires, and flaunt a lower offset to minimize the need for spacers in comparison to stock.

Aggressive Street/HPDE Fitment

  • Front: 18x8.5” ET42 with 245/40-18 tires
    Rear: 18x11” ET36 with 295/30-18 tires
    • Requires at least 1.2 degrees of negative front camber.
    • 305/30-18, 315/30-18 rear tires may also be used as a direct fit.

This staggered fitment is very similar to the one above, however the front wheels have a more aggressive offset which ultimately place them 8mm closer front fenders. This fitment is ideal for enthusiasts looking for a flush fitment with street tires, or for performance driving enthusiasts who have the ability to dial in negative camber with wider track compounds. Not only will this help prolong tire life and offer better turn-in, but it’ll create more clearance between the tire shoulder and car’s fender.


Performance Street/Track or Race Fitment

  • Front: 18x9” ET46 with 245/40-18 tires
    Rear: 18x12” ET45 with 315/30-18 tires
    • Requires at least 2 degrees of front negative camber.
    • 255/35-18 front tires may also be used but will require at least 2.5 degrees of front negative camber.
    • 265/35-18 front tires may also be used but will require at least 3.0 degrees of front negative camber.
    • 335/30-18 rear tires may also be used but will require negative camber pending ride height. 

These fitments are effective for both weekend and dedicated track warriors. This no-compromise fitment is ideal for track use where enthusiasts want to maximize front and rear end grip, providing for an incredibly neutral and aggressive setup. The 9” front and 12” rear wheel will provide superior sidewall support for wider tires, and it relies on aggressive negative camber specifications for proper fender clearance. Since you'll be using all available real estate under the fender arches to accommodate this wider configuration, mild modifications are likely necessary. A mixture of negative camber and rolled rear fenders are typically advised to ensure proper utilization of these extreme setups. Maximizes both front and rear tire width.


Big Brake Kit Clearances
Brake-Clearance.jpgThe following brake setups have been tested and confirmed to clear: 

  • OEM 380mm 6-pot PCCB - fits all
  • Brembo 1M1.9006A1, 380mm 6-pot - fits 18x8.5" ET42 & 18x9" ET46 only
  • Brembo 1M1.9005A1, 355mm 6-pot - fits all
  • StopTech 83.780.4700.61 355mm 4-pot - fits all
  • StopTech 83.781.6900.XX, 380mm 6-pot - call to confirm

Please email or call us with any other questions related to brake clearance and we’ll be happy to help.

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